Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Unmasking The Anonymous Online Loudmouth"

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how annoying it can be to receive outrageous, ridiculous, and sometimes downright mean and false comments from individuals that hide their identities behind their diatribe by posting as "Anonymous" or using a fake name.

It appears I am not alone in my distaste for these nameless commentors.

The cover story in this week's Boston Globe Magazine, written by Neil Swidey, is about the very same issue. It's titled "Unmasking The Anonymous Online Loudmouth" (I wish I had thought of that) and it reaches just about the same conclusions that I did in my blog titled "Anonymity Cause For Animosity" [Click Here].

I recommend reading Neil's article [Click Here] and seeing why anonymous commentors that write shameless replies have given rise to a new Internet term, or "handle". They are now known as TROLLS...slang for people behind inflammatory posts.

From the article:
"The pros of hostng a robust, free-wheeling conversation
had become outweighed by the cons of all the venon and
nastiness,by people who are allowed to name-call without
any obligation to reveal their own names."

"After years of letting anonymity rule online, many media
heavyweights...have begun to modify their policies. The
goal is to take the playground back from the anonymous
bullies and give greater weight to those willing to offer,
in addition to strong views, their real names."

"...that freedom can be abused and manipulated to spread
lies or mask hidden agendas. With all that in the balance, the
thinking goes, shouldn't we know who's saying these things?"

This blog is dedicated to the troll "REMaven".

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